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We are a synthetic grass manufacturer based in China with a well-established global clientele that includes Wal-Mart IKEA and Evergreen (UK)We produce a range of synthetic turf products that are a perfect fit for residential and commercial properties as well as all kinds of sport arenas such as football. hockey, baseball arenas and a myriad of other applications. In short. no matter where you are and how small or large your requirement is. we have the perfect synthetic turf for you.

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Welcome To ForestGroup- Manufacturer, Supplier and Installer of High Quality Synthetic Turf

We manufacture artificial turf in our manufacturing plants from the scratch. Since we have complete control over everything and do not rely on third party, we assure the finest grade artificial grass for our customers.

To begin with, we use highest quality raw materials such as resin pellets, which are melted to form fibers for the turf. To ensure that these fibers are long-lasting, we add some special additives that
do the trick.

Known as Extrusion, the process of melting pellets is crucial and we do it with thorough precision. As a result, the turf manufactured by us doesn't disintegrate, fade or wash away for an elongated period.

After the Extrusion process, we get huge spools of yarns, which are sent for Tutting and Coating. The turf fibers are sewn in the backing or Tufted and placed in an oven for Coating, The end-result is a turf that mimics real grass.

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