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Forest Group is the Chinese leading artificial turf manufacturer. Our production plant in WuXi produces artificial turf for a whole range of sports including football, rugby, hockey, Gaelic sports, multi-use games areas, tennis and cricket, as well as other commercial uses.

Our Products Are Certified

Internationally Recognized Artificial Turf Manufacturers Verified By Experts

We offer a wide selection of artificial turf all ISO certified and verified by external independent testing houses to meet the appropriate international standard. Our artificial turf surfaces are specifically designed to cope with the technical, field and game characteristics that vary hugely between different sports.

Many Bespoke Options Available

We can manufacture a range of bespoke Artificial turf surfaces for a variety of different applications. Our flexible manufacturing set up allows us to produce a range of different turf specifications, roll sizes and colors to suit the needs of each customer. We also make special orders for surrounds and entrance areas of the pitch and dugouts.

Whatever your sport and your own particular requirements, Forest Group can create bespoke artificial turf to meet your needs.


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